ECR.LINF present the second single

French Post Black Metallers ECR.LINF are rapidly approaching the release of their debut album “Belluaires”. Today we release their second single “Le Désespoir Du Prophète” with a stunning video directed by Dorian Lairson, which can be seen here:

ECR.LINF’s guitarist and video director Dorian Lairson commented as follows about the video and its meaning:
“De mon seul être dont je suis maintenant l’unique Roi”.
Of my only being of which I am now the only King.
In the music video “Le Désespoir du Prophète” three young monks wander from hut to hut in a damp and cold forest. The eldest embodies the prophet himself on his spiritual journey, while the two younger ones represent his faithful companions who support and blindly follow him in his quest. Eventually, they reach a tall stone structure, symbolizing the crystallization of the spiritual path. Here, the sacrifice is solely assumed by the prophet, illustrating his transition to individual enlightenment while embodying his environment and the people around him. Finally, in the night of the soul, the symbol of the group “Ecr.linf” burns and falls to signify the death of our own idols, constructions, and inner beliefs, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new stage on the spiritual path. It is the spiritual phase shift that exists between a prophet and his followers that fosters misunderstandings, conflicts, and divisions, corroding religious beliefs from within”.

ECR.LINF present a song that is absolutely a manifesto of their devastating Post Black Metal able to meet Hardcore music and the most dissonant Noise atmospheres with great hellish melodies.
Their debut album “Belluaires” will be released on March 22nd, on digipakCD and LP format and will surely destroy your mental stability and your insane vision of music.

This is ECR.LINF, the desperate cry of a rotten humanity.

“Belluaires” CD/LP is available for pre-order here:
Stream/download the single here:

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ECR.LINF – Le Désespoir Du Prophète (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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