XENOS “Raining Blood”
digital single
Label: Club Inferno
Cat. nr: HELL024
Release Date: October 12th, 2020
File Under: Thrash Metal
Country: ITALY

1. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)

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  • Biography:
    XENOS was born at the end of 2018 and it is the product of the mind of Ignazio Nicastro, bassist with the well-known Post Thrashers EVERSIN. The band is dedicated to a pure form of Thrash Metal, clearly inspired by Megadeth, Xentrix, Annihilator and Slayer without forgetting a strong dose of personality in every single composition.
    In 2019 the band records their debut album titled “Filthgrinder” a concentrate of devastating Thrash Metal in the old vein that was released for CLUB INFERNO, a My Kingdom Music sublabel, in January 2020.
    On October 12th 2020 the band releases a cover of SLAYER classic “Raining Blood” as personal tribute to the greatest Thrash Metal band of all time. It was released as digital single.
    Here you will find no compromises, no fashions, no bullshits, just Thrash Metal at all.
  • Overview:
    “Raining Blood” is XENOS tribute to SLAYER, the greatest Thrash Metal band of all time. It is 100% Thrash Metal born from the urge to go back to the roots of the genre and inspired to the more technical wing of Thrash Metal of nineties.
    Their style is based on guitar riffs cutting like razors played by the ultra talented guitarist Giuseppe Taormina, killer solos, a hammering and devastating drums by Danilo Ficicchia (EVERSIN) a pulsing boneshaking bass and a vitriol voice by Ignazio Nicastro (EVERSIN) is what you will have listening to XENOS.
    No compromises, no fashions, no bullshits, just Thrash Metal at all.
  • Discography:
    2020 – “Filthgrinder” (CD/digital – Club Inferno)
    2020 – “Raining Blood” (digital single / Club Inferno)
  • Line-up:
    Danilo Ficicchia: drums
    Ignazio Nicastro: bass and voice
    Giuseppe Taormina: guitars
  • Media:
    audio (bandcamp) >>>
  • Contact:
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    bandcamp >>>
    youtube: “Raining Blood (SLAYER cover)” >>>
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