GANDALF’S OWL “Who’s The Dreamer”
Label: Club Inferno
Cat. nr: HELL017
Release Date: January 4th, 2019
File Under: Progressive Ambient Rock
Country: ITALY

1. Winterfell
2. A Dwarf In The Lodge Pt1
3. A Dwarf In The Lodge Pt2
4. Garmonbozia
5. Between Two Worlds
6. White Arbour (…The North Remembers)
7. Sunset By The Moon
8. Coming Home
9. Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo (cover LE ORME)

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Gandalfs Owl - Pic def


  • Biography:
    Gandolfo Ferro is an eclectic Sicilian singer and musician. Willing to experiment and explore every aspect of music, he puts his hands on every genre and morphs it into his own vision, leaving his unmistakable trademark.
    Over the course of the years, thanks to his works with bands such as THE OPERA and HEIMDALL (“Aeneid” was one of the best selling power metal albums in 2013), and his partecipation with Roberto Tiranti to Pier Gonella project, he peaked as one of the most interesting talents worth a listen in the whole Italian peninsula.
    With GANDALF’S OWL, Gandolfo Ferro unleashes his most avantgardish, psychedelic and atmospheric project and with it, Gandolfo Ferro looks for showing a new side of his musical universe. After the release on digital market of a three tracks EP titled “Winterfell”, he is now ready to show to a large audience his debut album titled “Who’s The Dreamer?”.
  • Overview:
    GANDALF’S OWL’s music is what you might call Progressive Ambient Rock, but there are also sprinklings of ‘old-time’ electronica and epic psychedelic influences that widen the sound palette and make this release a very enjoyable trip to the essences of the unknown.
    Electronic sounds create the atmosphere of an amazing landscapes but the great guitar melodies express the real essence of this project intended to show the talent of the well-known HEIMDALL singer as musician and composer too, and not only as singer.
    The sound here is calm, but epic at the same time, out of space with glacial atmospheres, arcane melodies and dimensionless music creating a magic dualism between dream and reality.
    The album is completed by the great LE ORME’s cover of the classic “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo”
    Enjoy the ART of this talented musician.
  • Discography:
    2015 – “Eirian” (digitalCD – Sucu Music)
    2016 – “Winterfell” (digital EP – Club Inferno)
    2019 – “Who’s The Dreamer?” (digitalCD – Club Inferno)
  • Line-up:
    Gandolfo Ferro: all instruments
    Gaetano Fontanazza:
    Guitar Ambient, Keys & Tibetan Bells on tracks 1-2-3-7
    Tony Colina: Keys & Organs on tracks 5-7-9
  • Media:
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  • Contact:
    facebook >>>
    bandcamp >>>
    soundcloud >>>
    youtube “Il Vento, La Notte, Il Cielo” (LE ORME cover – OFFICIAL VIDEOCLIP) >>>
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