digital single
Label: Club Inferno
Cat. nr: HELL025
Release Date: November 13th, 2020
File Under: Progressive Death Metal
Country: ITALY

1. Pater

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  • Biography:
    DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM born in 2016, when Andrea Bignardi started to write his own music, experimenting unusual musical structures such as Madrigals and dodecaphonic music into a Death Metal structure. The aim of this project is trying to go beyond the dogmas of extreme music, creating something personal and original and the first effort was released in March 2017 with the first self-titled album. In the summer of 2017 the project introduced new offical members Mattia Panunzio (guitars), Pietro Buzzi (guitars), Michele Castelnuovo (drums) and on bass Michele Augello (ex Agony Face). With this line-up, the band started to work to a new album titled “Iconoclasm”, and with it the band gives life to a more experimental album with a dodecaphonic/atonal section for each song and that’s the reason why the band defines the played music as “Dodecaphonic Metal”.
    DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM is working hard on their new album that will be out on 2021. In the meantime they present a new single titled “Pater” that will be out on digital stores on November 13th via Club Inferno Ent.
  • Overview:
    Today, in a time that a great number of bands prefer to not try to create something new, there are some courageous ones that don’t stay in the same way of the others, but are different and expand limits. The Italian DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM is one of them trying to defy your musical conceptions and to spread chaos with their music, where twisted and complex rhythm, savage riffing and gratifyingly dark ambience are united.
    The new song “Pater” is the most direct and powerful that the band has ever created and represents the beginning of a renewed style that leads the band towards a new musical identity, between the old school of DEATH and PESTILENCE, the fury of BEHEMOTH without forgetting the Progressive elements of OPETH and EDGE OF SANITY.
    It sounds heavy and aggressive as their music needs, showing excellent modern and heavy tunes, but with everything sounding comprehensible to our senses.
  • Discography:
    2017 – “Descent Into Maelstrom” (digital / self-release)
    2020 – “Iconoclasm” (digital / Club Inferno)
    2020 – “Pater” (digital single / Club Inferno)
  • Line-up:
    Andrea Bignardi: rhythmic guitar and vocals
    Mattia Panunzio: lead guitar
    Pietro Buzzi: rhythmic guitar
    Michele Augello: bass
  • Credits:
    Sound Engineer: Francesco Petrelli
    Artwork: Jarno Lahti (Kaamos Design studio)
    Additional Graphic: Pietro Buzzi
  • Media:
    Video: “Pater” (lyric video) >>>

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  • Contact:
    facebook >>>
    bandcamp >>>
    youtube: “Pater” (Lyric Video): soon available
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